Nurse Muscles Money

Welcome to the Nurse Muscles Money page! In addition to my love for health, fitness, and nutrition, I also have a taste for expensive things, and this is one of my more lucrative business ventures of how to satisfy those needs. Like most nurses, I work mainly 3 12-hour shifts throughout the week, which leaves me with 2 week days off every week; on these days I focus on investments and trading low-price/high volume stocks to make fast profits (and sometimes losses). Education is important; I've been studying for months and have just recently started trading actual money. Using this blog, I will be showing the trades I've executed and how much I gained/lost, and why, so those who follow me can learn from my fortunes and mistakes.

If day-trading is something that interests you, and you would like to learn more about where I receive my educational content, visit this link and browse through the DVD collection, sign up for the alerts and the chat room (my favorite GURU to learn from is Timothy Sykes). Consider the cost as your "tuition" payment and remember that 90% of people who day-trade LOSE MONEY! So if this something of interest to you, then STUDY UP! Feel free to comment with questions!

Cash contributions to account starting May, 2016 = $1000

Verified profits as of June 19th, 2016 = -$206.86