About me

My name is Masen Mills; I'm a Registered Nurse, U.S. Army Combat Veteran, and a fitness and nutrition fanatic. I hold Bachelor's Degrees in both Nursing & Nutrition Science.

   My own transformation over 5 years

My own transformation over 5 years

I provide Fitness & Nutrition Consulting services. It's like hiring an online trainer/coach, but different. I will provide you with exercise and nutrition plans, video tutorials/instructions on proper form/execution of exercises, and I will critique your form and help you try to get better if you choose to send me videos. This is YOUR program. Many online trainers sell you a pdf of a training program with diet instructions that they send to everybody. Sure, that's a great starting point, but everyone is different, and different people need different training methodologies.

When you hire me, you are buying my time. My goal is to help you, as an individual, navigate your way to better health and body composition. This is YOUR plan; you will make a lot of the decisions, and I will be there to consult you every step of the way.

Who this service is for

My services aren't for everyone. As you can tell by my Instagram pictures, I'm not a professional bodybuilder or fitness model. If your goal is to be on stage or competing, you need to be working with a trainer or someone who specializes in those areas. If you have a debilitating injury or disease, then you should be working more closely with professionals who can physically see you. If you just want to build muscle and/or burn body fat while increasing your overall health, then I can help you. You don't need to have any certain baseline or background in fitness.

What I can offer

   Kate's, (my wife) 3 year transformation

Kate's, (my wife) 3 year transformation

My goal is to teach you how to manage your own health and fitness. There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry, and most of it is ruining your gains! I am here to help you with knowledge and fine tune a plan that's individualized for your lifestyle. I want to make you the best you, that you can be! 12 weeks is a standard time to commit to any fitness regimen and expect noticeable results, so that's what I will set aside for you. Remember, the goal is that at the end of these 12 weeks, your habits, lifestyle, and knowledge will have improved to the point where my services are may no longer be necessary.

What will you need

The training methodologies I truly believe in require access to free weights; mainly a barbell and a squat rack (NOT a Smith Machine). I absolutely do not agree with the use of most take-home, no-equipment required workout programs. I'm sure there are some quality programs out there that you can do without equipment, but, in my experience (which is why you are considering hiring me), you will achieve better results with access to weights. Many $20/month gyms (NOT Planet Fitness) will have everything you need.

What to expect

As a nurse, I believe in the principal of autonomy (your right to self-governance). I will not make decisions for you; this is YOUR life, and YOUR plan. If you expect your results to be consistent and your habits to be sustainable, they must be made by your own choosing. I will teach you, I will guide you, and I will provide you with planning, guidelines, and recommendations that fit your lifestyle. Understand that you may have certain things in your life that you are not willing to change (such as working third shift, or consuming too much alcohol, etc.). Your successes and failures are all your own; if you do no not take my advice, you cannot expect the best results; that being said, if you are unwilling to change an aspect of your lifestyle that I recommend changing, I will most certainly help you develop a plan to mitigate the damages to help you become the best you that you can be.

We will communicate primarily through e-mail, Instagram Direct Messages, text messages, or WhatsApp (a free wifi-based messaging app that works internationally); whichever is most convenient. You will have unlimited access (within reason) to me for 12-weeks where we will discuss your goals and how we can develop your plan. I recommend also creating a free Google Drive account to easily share documents, workout logs, and instructional videos. Although my goal is to have you looking and feeling better, 12-week transformations are not what this service is about. You can expect sustainable nutrition and fitness approaches that will lead to a lifetime of steady gains. I don't advise crash or calorie-restricted diets that are hard to maintain, nor will I give you a workout routine that is too intense or impossible to keep up with. Transformations that last don't happen overnight; they take time, but they are so worth it.

How you can get started

Click the "Start Here button below to be taken to a page where you can submit an intake form, then make your payment via PayPal; I will contact you by e-mail shortly after.

The cost for 12-weeks of consulting is $200 USD.